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your opportunity to become a franchise owner

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Being a franchise owner gives you the opportunity to run your dream business while supporting the overarching values that Belle Construction embodies of supporting women in the world of trades. You will have an opportunity to be a part of a well-trusted and established business that brings quality construction and design to their clients.

Belle Construction comes with recognizable, influential, and consistent branding that will assist your franchise achieve great success. Belle uses effective and professional social media and public relations strategies that have built a well-known brand, including partnering with popular brands. Belle Construction has been well-recognized by relevant and current media outlets such as the Daily Hive and BC Business, which will provide an existing accomplished platform to build your franchise upon.

what makes belle so special?

Belle Construction is special in its priority for people above all else. Belle promotes equality in trades by being innovators of supporting careers in construction for women and those of all gender identities. The passion at Belle to hone incredible workmanship and a keen eye for details is coupled with approachability and honesty to keep clients at ease. Belle Construction cares about the spaces as much as the people they are building them for, which is why they encourage safe and accommodating environments for everyone.

Belle Construction firmly believes that by celebrating diversity, those in trades are able to flourish and execute projects for a diverse range of clientele, with the utmost creativity and excellence.


introducing kendall

Kendall Ansell is a talented interior designer who founded Belle Construction due to the obvious disparities and representation of women and folks of all genders within the trades industry. Kendall has a strong understanding of design and uses an inclusive philosophy which has been strongly incorporated into Belle’s approach when turning their client’s dreams into reality. Kendall’s goals for Belle Construction were to create exceptional craftsmanship and spaces clients can trust, all while being an innovator in having women in trades with a female-lead team of experts.

belle services involved in franchise

Belle Construction is creating opportunities for women and people of all genders to get into trades through a variety of opportunities, and now you can join too! As a Franchise owner, you will be producing projects, similar to those in our portfolio, from smaller renovations in residential spaces to larger commercial and industrial projects. You would be organizing projects in the most efficient and cost effective way in order to match the standards we have at Belle Construction for our clients.

You will also be assembling a team of talented and diverse tradespeople, like in our head office, who can provide both high quality construction and design services through one point of contact.

The projects produced by Franchise Owners would vary from personal living spaces, industrial and commercial renovations. As a Franchise Owner you will expect to be flexible in creating and producing projects of all sizes, always meeting clients’ expectations.

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